Which card have a photo in them? How can I tell?

Almost all TROFY cards contain a photo for you to add. On the shop page you see an overview of all the cards. All photo cards have a camera icon next to the product name. Please note that some photo cards have a photo inside them, while others have a photo as background. When you

Why are all TROFY cards square?

This has multiple reasons, but primarily because a square format has been proven to work best on social media platforms especially when viewed on mobile devices (which is increasingly the case). Multiple studies have indicated that square video has better performance algorithmically, are displayed larger on mobile screens, and have a better reach than other

Is audio included in TROFY cards?

Since most social media platforms play videos in newsfeeds without audio, and since most people with mobile devices have their sound turned off by default, we do not offer audio with our cards at this point.

Why are all cards in English?

Since English is one of the most used languages in the world, we only offer English cards for now. But we’d love to do cards in other languages in the future.