How do I get my TROFY card(s)?

After placing your order, you’ll see a new page that says: Thanks for your order. And: Processing takes about 1 minute or less… At that moment, your TROFY card is generated and made available for download. When this is done (usually within 1 minute) a blue download button appears as well as the card itself. You can now download your card and send / share it.

The mobile version of the site does not display a blue download button, but (with the exception of iPad/iPhone users) you can click on the card itself to download or save to your local photo app. iPad/iPhone users cannot do this, because Apple has removed a download/save to camera roll button in Safari iOS so these users must wait for their confirmation email which has your card(s) as attachments. Go to your email app, and when you open the attachment you can send it directly through different social media and messaging apps. So everyone (including iPad/iPhone users) gets their cards!