With TROFY, you can now use the combined power of design, photography and animation to make your message truly special, personal and unique.

TROFY integrates any personal information you choose to enter (e.g. name, age, date, photo, etc) into a beautiful and specially made animation and renders them on the spot as a video. That means your TROFY is unique and instantly shareable with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

The personalization of your TROFY goes further than just the personal info you enter: besides the type of message, you can also choose the style and color scheme of your liking.

TROFIES are made with care and love by a passionate team of professional designers, motion graphics artists and developers. And we’re constantly developing our gallery of cards both creatively and technically.

The TROFY that you download is uniquely yours and yours alone. Since you own it, you can share it as many times and in as many places for as long as you want.