• How does it work?

    1. Choose card type (Birthday, Congrats, Baby, Love, etc)

    2. Choose design style and color

    3. Personalize by entering name, age, photo, etc

    4. Pay and download your TROFY

    5. Share it through Messenger, Facebook, Instagram,etc

    The TROFY cards that you download are yours, so you can share them anywhere, anytime, for as long as you want.


  • Why TROFY?

    With TROFY, you can now use the combined power of design, photography and animation to make your message truly special, personal and unique.

    TROFY integrates any personal information you choose to enter (e.g. name, age, date, photo, etc) into a beautiful and specially made animation and renders them on the spot as a video. That means your TROFY is unique and instantly shareable with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

    The personalization of your TROFY goes further than just the personal info you enter: besides the type of message, you can also choose the style and color scheme of your liking.

    TROFIES are made with care and love by a passionate team of professional designers, motion graphics artists and developers. And we’re constantly developing our gallery of cards both creatively and technically.

    The TROFY that you download is uniquely yours and yours alone. Since you own it, you can share it as many times and in as many places for as long as you want.


  • Does TROFY care about the environment?

    We do! All our products are digital, so with TROFY you avoid paper waste and engine exhaust pollution.

2) Cards

  • I entered my personal info for the card. Can I preview it first before I pay?

    No, this is not possible at this point unfortunately. It makes the process slower and the products more expensive than necessary.

  • Which card have a photo in them? How can I tell?

    Almost all TROFY cards contain a photo for you to add. On the shop page you see an overview of all the cards. All photo cards have a camera icon next to the product name. Please note that some photo cards have a photo inside them, while others have a photo as background.

    When you select a card, you can preview it to see what the animation looks like. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to preview the card with your personalised info (name, age, photo, etc) before purchase.

  • Why are all TROFY cards square?

    This has multiple reasons, but primarily because a square format has been proven to work best on social media platforms especially when viewed on mobile devices (which is increasingly the case). Multiple studies have indicated that square video has better performance algorithmically, are displayed larger on mobile screens, and have a better reach than other formats.

  • Is audio included in TROFY cards?

    Since most social media platforms play videos in newsfeeds without audio, and since most people with mobile devices have their sound turned off by default, we do not offer audio with our cards at this point.

  • Why are all cards in English?

    Since English is one of the most used languages in the world, we only offer English cards for now. But we’d love to do cards in other languages in the future.

3) Personalization

  • How can I personalize my card?

    All TROFY cards are personalizable, but the number and type of personalizable elements (e.g. name, age, photo, etc) depends on the card you select. For example, our birthday cards can be personalised by entering a name, age and uploading a photo, and our pregnancy announcement cards have a due date and a photo. New home cards have an address and a photo, etc.

    In other words, each kind of card asks for a specific kind of personalisation to make sense. But we make it easy for you by specifying what information to enter : )

    Also, once you’ve entered your personal information and photo, and added it to your Shopping Cart, you can see at any time what information you have entered. Please always doublecheck before your purchase that you have entered the right information, spelled the name right, etc. 

  • Which photos should I not upload?

    Most photos have a camera symbol next to its product name. This means that you can upload your own photo, which will be integrated into the animation. Ofcourse you are the one to decide which photo you upload, but please make sure you own the rights to the photo. For example, simply because you took the photo yourself.

    Don’t use any photos that are:

    – owned by someone else which has not given you permission to use it, (like a professional photographer or a media company like Disney).
    – unnecessarily objectionable or hurtful
    – pornographic or discriminatory
    – violent or promote violence
    – in violation of someone’s privacy

    Users who violate the above may be banned.

    Thanks for respecting our guidelines and enjoy TROFY!

  • I want to send a birthday card, but I don’t know the recipient’s age. Now what?

    No problemo! Just leave it blank, because the age entry is optional for our birthday cards. The Vintage birthday cards will display a balloon on the spot where the age is normally displayed. The Modern birthday cards will simply not display the balloon with the age on it.

    The Anniversary cards also have an optional age. On the Vintage Anniversary cards, a rose appears on the spot where the age is normally displayed, and on the Modern Anniversary cards, the age on the heart is removed.

  • I want to send an anniversary card, but I don’t know the number of years. Now what?

    No problemo! Just leave it blank, because the age entry is optional for our anniversary cards. On the Vintage Anniversary cards, a rose appears on the spot where the age is normally displayed, and on the Modern Anniversary cards, the age on the heart is not displayed.

    For our birthday cards, the age entry is also optional. When the age entry is left blank, the Vintage birthday cards will display a balloon instead on the spot where the age is normally displayed. The Modern birthday cards will simply not display the balloon with the age on it.


4) Payment

  • How can I pay?

    You can add one or multiple cards to your Cart and pay with Creditcard, iDEAL, or PayPal.

  • Why do different cards have different prices?

    Every card is different, so prices vary. The price for a card is determined by a number of factors, such as the amount of personalizable elements (e.g name, age, photo, date, address, etc), the length of the video, and the type of card. For example, birth / baby cards are more expensive than birthday cards, because they always have a photo inside them, the length of the video is longer, and their sending frequency is lower.

    But price is ofcourse relative. Say you want to create a paper birth card and send it to family and friends by post. The design, printing and delivery of you card can easily add up to $100, usually more. A TROFY birth card is more than 10 times cheaper and saves paper and exhaust emission. Better yet, it’s created and sent within minutes, not days/weeks.


5) Download

  • How fast do I get my TROFY card(s)?

    After payment, your TROFY card(s) will render instantly while you wait. Usually within 1 minute, a download button and preview of the card itself appears.

    Additionally, you always receive a confirmation email with the card(s) as attachment in your inbox. However (depending on your email server settings and internet speed) this takes a bit longer, usually within 10 minutes.

  • How do I get my TROFY card(s)?

    After placing your order, you’ll see a new page that says: Thanks for your order. And: Processing takes about 1 minute or less… At that moment, your TROFY card is generated and made available for download. When this is done (usually within 1 minute) a blue download button appears as well as the card itself. You can now download your card and send / share it.

    The mobile version of the site does not display a blue download button, but (with the exception of iPad/iPhone users) you can click on the card itself to download or save to your local photo app. iPad/iPhone users cannot do this, because Apple has removed a download/save to camera roll button in Safari iOS so these users must wait for their confirmation email which has your card(s) as attachments. Go to your email app, and when you open the attachment you can send it directly through different social media and messaging apps. So everyone (including iPad/iPhone users) gets their cards!

  • What kind of file is my TROFY card?

    All TROFY cards are animated, so you receive an .mp4 video file. Mp4 video is an industry standard video file and supported by all mainstream social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc and messaging apps like iMessage, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

  • I need to download my card(s) again. Can I still do that?

    Yes. There are two ways: If you created an account with us, you can login and see your order history. If you click on ‘View’ you see the card that you ordered and the download button. Please note that we save your cards for 1 month.

    If you want to download a card that you ordered a month ago or longer, please check the order confirmation email we have sent you on the day you placed your order. Your card(s) will be in the attachment of that email.

  • I have an iPhone / iPad I can see and play my card(s), but I can’t download! Now what?

    Apple has removed the download button for iOS, so there is no way of directly downloading or saving your video to camera roll or any other destination on iPhone/iPad.

    Not to worry, all TROFY cards are also sent as attachment(s) with your order confirmation email. The email usually arrived within 10 minutes, depending on your email settings and internet connection speed. When the email arrives, you can download the attachment, and immediately save or send/share the video through the app of your choosing.

6) Sharing

  • How do I send my TROFY card(s)?

    After payment, your card is generated (usually within 1 minute) and a download button appears. Additionally, you always receive an email with your card(s) in the attachment. All TROFY cards are animated, so your card is an .mp4 video file. These files are perfect for virtually all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and messaging apps like Messenger, Telegram and WhatsApp.

    The process of downloading and sending / sharing your TROFY depends on your device and the apps you use. Usually it’s something like this:

    Desktop: your internet browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, etc) downloads the .mp4 file to a Downloads folder or a destination folder you selected. You can drop the file directly on your social media post or messaging app. WhatsApp users might also like the desktop version https://web.whatsapp.com so you don’t have to send or sync it to your smartphone first.

    Smartphone/tablet: after downloading the attachment in your email it usually previews and offers you choices on how to save or share it through different apps. You can of course also save the video to the native photo/video app on your smartphone and send it from there.