Privacy policy

TROFY is all about personalisation: you (or the recipient of your card) are the star of the show. You make your animated card special, personal and unique because of the information (name, age, photo, etc) you enter.

It’s therefore unsurprising that we use this information to generate your card. However, this is all done instantly and automatically by computers, so by default, no humans see this information. The only time we access it, is when you want us to.

TROFY and her partners respect your right to Privacy and we are extremely careful with storing and handling your personal information. We only store the personal information you enter for your card (name, age, photo, etc) to generate the product. We don’t share this information with anyone not involved in the production process. Your information is stored on protected servers which are periodically checked and updated. We never sell your information to third parties for advertising purposes.

We choose our partners very carefully. For example, for payment processing, we work together with Mollie, one of the most noted and reputable payment processing companies in the industry. Our website is built on WordPress, one of the leading web development platforms in the world.